Giant Cupcake Pan

Big Top Cupcake As Seen on TV

This bright, cheerful cake was created with the Big Top Cupcake Pan. It comes with an idea booklet for cupcake decorations. I love how the bottom part of this cake is decorated to look like a wrapper.

The first time I saw a giant cupcake pan on TV I was hooked – I knew I had to have one! These whimsical cupcake pans create a jumbo-sized 3D cupcake that stands up and looks just like a regular cupcake, only many times bigger. Their size makes them the center of attention at potlucks and parties. Because they are so big, there are literally endless ways to decorate them and create a cupcake cake that suits your party.

The most popular giant cupcake pan choices are the Wilton Giant Cupcake Pan and the As Seen on TV Big Top Cupcake. Click to read full reviews and comparisons of each of these pans. Also note that a newer option, the Big Top Donut, has joined the as-seen-on-TV lineup of giant baked goods, so I’ve provided a complete review of that as well (again, I just love the decorating options with these huge baked goods!).

This bright, cheerful cake was created with the Big Top

This giant cupcake cake is covered in jumbo heart sprinkles and has a message iced around it. The perfect, personal touch for any occasion.

Several online reviewers use their giant cupcake pan as their go-to kitchen item for any party or festivity – they simply change the decorations to suit the occasion. Kids of all ages love the design, and the size of the cakes make them so much fun for kids to decorate. I think giant cupcakes make an excellent presentation at a 1st birthday party – the guest of honor could have a giant cupcake all their own as a smash cake, while the other guests enjoy regular-sized cupcakes. At the same time, giant cupcakes are festive and suitable for anyone’s birthday (both kids and adults), family dinners, potlucks, and other parties. The decorating ideas are endless, making a giant cupcake pan a very versatile addition to your baking lineup.

A giant cupcake pan makes a cake with enough size and detail that it can easily be decorated in an adorable way with a can of frosting and some sprinkles, making it a great project for kids to help out on, while advanced cupcake decorators will love the size and details that are baked into the cake – they absolutely scream for fun, detailed decorations that would simply be too tiny on regular cupcakes.

A giant cupcake pan will typically have two compartments that you partially fill with cake batter – one creates the bottom part of the cupcake, the part that would traditionally be in a cupcake wrapper, while the other creates the puffy top. A giant cupcake pan will produce a cupcake cake that is up to 25 times larger than a regular-sized cupcake – the more the merrier when it comes to cupcakes, right?

I’ve priced out the giant cupcake pan options on the market and also in local retail outlets, and I recommend that you always check here at Amazon to find the best price. They also have the most extensive customer reviews and excellent shipping offers.

What would you do with your giant cupcake pan? Leave us a note below with your decorating ideas or suggestions!

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