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Big Top Cupcake Ideas

The Big Top Cupcake Pan lends itself to so many creative decorating ideas. I love the combination of the bright blue and yellow icing on the top of this cupcake cake, as well as the candies creating the illusion of a cupcake wrapper.

Big Top Cupcake – Reviews of a Giant Cupcake Pan, As Seen on TV

The Big Top Cupcake Pan set is a flexible, silicone mold.  It has two parts that allow the top and bottom of a giant cupcake to be cooked separately, then pieced together with an optional layer of frosting or filling between them.  It’s a really fun and unique mold that provides a lot of options for creative decorating.

Like many other products that are “as seen on TV,” the Big Top Cupcake pan has been the subject of lots of user reviews and tests.  Overall, the reviews are very positive – a lot of people absolutely love their Big Top Cupcake pan.  Click here to see some of the fun designs and decorations that owners have created. Kids are often the driving force in the purchase of the Big Top Cupcake Pan set, and user review after user review talks about how much children loved the finished giant cupcake – the end result is so novel, creative, and fun, everyone in your family will want to play the role of giant cupcake maker.

I personally think that the Big Top Cupcake pan is an awesome, unique way to prepare a homemade cake for your kids’ birthday; for the price of a bakery cake, you have the whole set to use year-round.  I especially love the idea of using the Big Top Cupcake pan to create large “smash” cupcake cakes as to be used as 1st birthday cakes, with regular-sized cupcakes being shared with all of the guests.  The photos of a tiny toddler digging into a brightly-decorated, giant cupcake would surely be treasured.

Most online reviews state that, when the instructions are followed, the Big Top Cupcake produces an easy, adorable, unique giant cupcake, ready for decorating.  However, a handful of online reviewers were not big fans of the Big Top Cupcake pan.  I’ve read through all of these reviews.  Several of them can be disregarded because it seems the user did not follow the instructions properly.  The other reviews had issues with the pan that can be resolved by following a few tips that other users suggested.  For the making the best giant cupcake possible with your Big Top Cupcake Pan, I recommend you follow these tips:

Big Top Cupcake - Reviews of the Giant Cupcake Pan, As Seen on TV

The Big Top Cupcake pan is a silicone mold that makes easy, fun-to-decorate giant cupcake cakes!

-          Turn oven from 350 degrees to 325, and lengthen the bake time.  Several online reviewers stated that the recommended bake temperature of 350 resulted in a giant cupcake that was overdone on the edges and not quite cooked in the middle – not exactly the best cupcake.  However, an easy solution is to turn the oven temperature down a smidge and lengthen the bake time as needed.  While it’s tempting to follow the recipe as it was written, you may find that the big top cupcake instructions are slightly off; I recommend following the experienced guidance of online reviewers.

-          Remember, oven times vary; just as with any baking project, your results may vary slightly.  You may have a giant cupcake recipe that has more moist ingredients than other recipes, requiring you to tweak the bake time.  Just be flexible and test the doneness of the giant cupcake with a toothpick.  When it is clean upon removal, you can remove your giant cupcake pan from the oven and let it cool off to prepare for decorating.

-          Always coat your silicone big top cupcake pan, or other silicone baking pans, with cooking spray.  A lot of online users that had problems with their silicone baking set seem to have skipped this step.  I think that the silicone material leads people to believe that it doesn’t need a non-stick spray, but that is not the case.  To have a quick release and get the best results from your giant cupcake pan, never skip this step.  It will help you maintain the details in the shape of the giant cupcake pan.

Big Top Cupcake with Chocolate Icing

Yum - this cake was meant for me. I love the extra dollops of chocolate icing along the edges.

Big Top Cupcake – Giant Cupcake Pan Details

The Big Top Cupcake pan includes the following pieces:

Bottom Mold – the lower part of the cupcake. This part is fun to decorate like a fancy cupcake wrapper.

Top Mold – the top part of the cupcake. After being cooled, this is inverted and placed on top of the cupcake from the bottom mold.  Both pieces of the cake mold are easy-to-clean.

Removable Insert – the Big Top Cupcake pan also includes a removable insert that allows you to add a layer of your favorite filling – ice cream, whipped cream, pudding, fruit mixtures, or whatever scrumptious ingredient your family requests.  It’s a great way to customize the cupcake cake and celebrate a special occasion.  The insert is easily attached to the silicone mold.

Click here to read complete reviews of the Big Top Cupcake Pan, or click here to buy now – it’s a limited time sale price with a special shipping offer that you won’t be able to beat!

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  1. Savannah

    I am waiting for my cupcake to finish and I just realized I forgot to spray the molds………is it going to be a disaster?????

    • teegan

      Hopefully not – worst case scenario, icing can glue an awful lot of things together! :) Let me know how it went!

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